Anna Edna Benson Obituary Who Was Anna Edna Benson? How Did She Die?

The passing of Anna Benson has left an indelible mark on her family, friends, and community. Born on June 10, 1932, in Red Springs, North Carolina, Anna’s life was a beautiful tapestry of faith, love, and dedicated service. Her journey from a Methodist minister’s daughter to a beloved family member and community servant is a story of joy, love, and unwavering faith.

Who Was Anna Benson?

Anna, the daughter of Reverend Burrell Duke Critcher and Martha Cotten Crawford Critcher, grew up in various small North Carolina towns. This upbringing, under the guidance of a Methodist minister, fostered her deep faith and love for Jesus Christ. Anna’s life was a reflection of her strong spiritual foundation, shaping her into a compassionate and service-oriented individual.

What Were the Formative Experiences of Anna’s Early Life?

Anna’s early life was marked by frequent moves, owing to her father’s role as a Methodist minister. These experiences allowed her to form many lifelong friendships and further deepen her religious faith. Her time at East Carolina Teachers College (now ECU) was not just about academic learning but also about personal growth and preparing for her future roles.

How Did Anna Contribute to Her Community?

Anna’s work as a Director of Christian Education at Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church in Greenville and her later work at Johnson Cotton Company in Dunn before moving to Wilmington were significant contributions to her community. These roles allowed her to express her faith through service and leadership, impacting those she worked with and served.

What Was Anna’s Personal Life Like?

Anna, known affectionately as “Nana” by her nieces and nephews, was the fun-loving adult who never lost her childlike spirit. She married James H. “Jimmy” Benson at the age of 35. Their 51-year marriage was a testament to their love and shared commitment to community service, particularly through their ministry at Seagate Community Chapel.

How Did Anna Serve Alongside Her Sister, Cotty?

Anna and her sister Cotty were deeply involved in the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary of Wilmington. Both serving multiple terms in leadership roles, they exemplified Christian service and commitment to helping others. Their work was a demonstration of their belief in giving back to the community and helping those in need.

Who Are the Family Members Anna Leaves Behind?

Anna’s surviving family members include her sister Cotty Potter of Raleigh, her nieces, nephews, stepchildren, and numerous great-nieces and great-nephews. Each member of her family reflects a part of Anna’s legacy, carrying forward the values and love she instilled in them.

What Special Relationship Did Anna Share with Her Great Nephew, Felt Hairr?

Anna had a unique bond with her first great nephew, Felt Hairr. She played a pivotal role in his early life, caring for him while his mother completed her education. This special time forged a lifelong connection between Anna and Felt, highlighting Anna’s nurturing nature and her dedication to her family.

How Did Martha Potter Contribute to Anna’s Care?

In her final years, Anna, along with her sister Cotty, was lovingly cared for by her niece Martha Potter. Martha’s dedication to providing a home and care for both her mother and aunt speaks volumes of the family’s close-knit bond and mutual support.

How Did Transitions Lifecare Assist in Anna’s Later Years?

Anna’s family extends their gratitude to Transitions Lifecare for their exceptional care since January 2021. Their support and dedication were invaluable in providing comfort and assistance during Anna’s final years, showcasing the importance of compassionate caregiving.

What Are the Arrangements for Remembering Anna?

A private memorial service to celebrate Anna’s life will be held at her niece’s home in Raleigh. This intimate gathering will allow family and friends to share memories and honor Anna’s remarkable life.

How Can Contributions Be Made in Anna’s Memory?

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorials to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation or the Salvation Army, reflecting Anna’s lifelong commitment to charitable causes. These contributions will honor Anna’s memory by supporting causes close to her heart.

Anna Benson’s life was a journey of faith, service, and love. Her impact on her family and community was profound, marked by her dedication to helping others and her unwavering Christian faith. As we remember Anna, we celebrate a life that, though now completed, continues to inspire and influence through the countless lives she touched. Her legacy of love, laughter, and service will continue to resonate within the community and her family for generations to come. Anna’s story is a reminder of the power of a life lived with purpose and passion.