Birth Control Side Effects: How hormonal birth control impacts your sex life

A lot of the information out there around birth control side effects falls into one of two categories.

People who are pro-hormonal birth control tend to dismiss personal stories on the impacts of those hormones on people’s lives. Meanwhile, those against hormonal birth control demonize it and borrow the language of feminism to make their argument.

Both my experience and my professional opinion lie somewhere in the middle.

I went on the Pill at 16, after six years of brutal cramps and moodiness that kept me from school and work and hurt my relationships, every month. Birth control gave me my life back. Yes, I had a few negative birth control side effects on a few of the pills, namely mood changes and breakthrough bleeding. Overall, though, I had an easy run.

When I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, taking the Pill became a burden amidst my other healthcare needs. I decided to go off it, honestly hoping that it might reverse some of the autoimmune stuff as I was told it would (it didn’t). After two years of contemplating and preparing, including working with a Justisse practitioner, I took my last Pill in August 2017.