Brett Clifford Lineback Obituary What Was The Cause Of Death Of Brett Clifford?

Brett Lineback was an exceptional son, brother, husband, father and friend who passed away suddenly on June 13th 2022 in Fairfield Washington. Born and raised in this small farming community he graduated with honors from Liberty High School with great distinction – famous for his zesty participation in football, wrestling and drumming like Animal from The Muppets! In 44 years on earth his life was marked with great zesty passion for his family friends and nature alike.

What Defined Brett’s Early Years and Career?

Brett’s early years in Fairfield were formative in shaping both his love of sports and music; his talent behind a drum set was apparent at an early age while his athletic abilities shone through in high school sports. After graduation he embarked upon his professional life with Adams Electric where his long career of over two decades took him as far as Georgia – known for its work perfectionism, Brett pursued this craft passionately with passion and excellence!

What were Brett’s Personal Passions and Interests?

Brett had many talents and interests that came together into one man. An avid outdoorsman, he spent hours adventuring through nature while hiking or just relaxing under Mawhinney willow trees he especially favored. Rock climbing and angling spoke volumes to Brett’s adventurous spirit as did his love of all music genres; particularly drumming with childhood friends Mike and Phil who would spend many an evening watching sports together and bonding through music together.

How Has Brett’s Love for Music Impacted His Life?

Brett found great comfort and enjoyment playing music throughout his life, whether as an expression of himself through playing drums, accompanying childhood friends in their band or simply enjoying its effects as an outlet of creative expression. Musicality brought people together while providing sources of joy. It brought pleasure as well as artistic fulfillment.

Who Were Brett’s Significant Influencers in His Life?

Brett was deeply touched by the love and support from family and friends in his life, especially Tricia Moss Lineback who was his partner of 14 years, their 12-year old son Colby Patrick Lineback as well as H Lorraine Lineback who were his parents; sisters Paul (Carolyn) Lineback and Heather Smith also played pivotal roles; as did an extended family including various nieces, nephews, aunts uncles cousins from various states that contributed to making life meaningful to Brett.

What Legacy Has Brett Left Behind?

Brett has left behind an inspiring legacy of love, laughter and passion. His dedication to family life, excellence in his electrician profession and passions such as outdoor activities and music form the cornerstones of this legacy. Brett’s life story serves as a powerful reminder to enjoy each moment fully by cherishing every moment shared with loved ones while passionately following one’s passions with all one’s might.

How will his loved ones remember Brett?

Brett will always be remembered with love as a supportive husband, father, son, brother and friend who brought joy and laughter into those around him. We will cherish his vibrant personality, adventurous spirit and loving heart long into the future in our hearts as their memories live on within family and friends of Brett’s legacy.

What Are My Brett’s Celebration of Life Options?

At 11 am on August 20, Latah Country Bible Church will host a memorial for Brett Lineback that allows all those who knew and loved him to come together and pay a proper tribute, sharing memories, stories, and celebrating a life lived passionately and with deep affection before its abrupt conclusion.

Brett Lineback serves as an incredible reminder of how one individual’s influence can have such a tremendous effect on so many. His story stands as proof of living life with passion and family being of paramount importance; thus continuing his legacy and providing strength to those lucky enough to know him. His memory will live long on.