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Holly Ann Thomas left an incredible mark on those she touched throughout her remarkable life on Earth; those privileged enough to know her will remember her fondly indefinitely. Born January 7, 1962 in Cape Girardeau Missouri to Floyd “Pete” Puchbauer and LaVerne Lichtenegger Puchbauer she made lifelong contributions both family- and community-wise. Her dedication was legendary!

Holly began her educational journey in Pocahontas, Missouri where she was baptized and confirmed at St John’s Lutheran Church to establish her strong religious ties and uphold them throughout her life. Following graduation from Oak Ridge High School in 1980 she continued at Southeast Missouri State University earning both a bachelor’s degree as well as her Certified Public Accounting license (CPA), setting herself on her way towards an impressive accounting career.

How Did Holly’s Professional Life Unfold?

Holly’s professional journey was one of excellence and partnership. After beginning at Schott and Vandeven in Cape Girardeau where she honing her skills and making significant contributions to accounting. In 2004, with Connie Brown at her side, Holly ventured off on her own with Brown & Thomas CPA Firm of Jackson; this endeavour demonstrated both Holly’s entrepreneurial flair as well as dedication towards providing superior financial services.

What Were Holly’s Passions and Interests?

Travel was among Holly’s greatest pleasures; this allowed her to discover new places while creating memories with those closest to her. Kia and Brett provided her the greatest source of happiness; her life demonstrated love, care and generosity–qualities evident by both her smile and kind demeanor.

Who Will Remember Holly and Carry Forward Her Legacy?

Holly left behind an enduring legacy which will live on through loving members of her family such as David Thomas (husband for 36 years), Kia (Austin) Morrison of St Louis and Brett Thomas of St Charles Missouri as well as LaVerne Puchbauer; as well as numerous relatives, peers, siblings, in-laws and friends that cherish and remember Holly fondly and appreciate everything about her life and legacy.

Holly was honored by her community through visits and services that honored and remembered her life, such as those held at McCombs Funeral Home and Cremation Center in Jackson and Trinity Lutheran Church in Friedheim where she belonged as well as burial in their cemetery – testaments to both their faith as well as to how she touched its community.

How Can We Remember Holly’s Legacy?

Instead of traditional memorial services, contributions were encouraged for Dream Factory of Southeast Missouri or St Jude Children’s Research Hospital organizations that reflect Holly’s compassionate heart and desire to make an impactful difference in others lives – as tribute to Holly and all she accomplished during her life spent caring and helping those most in need.

Why Will Holly Ann Thomas Be Remembered?

Holly Ann Thomas lived a life that epitomized love, dedication, and generosity towards family, friends, and community – leaving an imprint that will endure through generations to come through professional achievements, personal passions and her legacy of inspiration to those fortunate to know her. Holly Thomas reminds us all of the power of kindness as well as familial and community bonds with strength enduring for future generations to experience and remember her legacy of goodness and hopefulness.