Integrated Marketing Communications: Creating a Consistent Brand Message

IMC- Integrated marketing communication is a long-term campaign aligning your advertising channels to market your primary business brand and create interest among its target buyers. The success of a company’s marketing campaign often proves invaluable for conveying the brand message consistently across all media. For Example, Suppose, you came across a fresh brand on Facebook or Instagram. You even visited the business site to learn more about and possibly buy the product. Now, if the website has endorsed a different message to the one seen, you will have a tough time grasping the gist of the brand.

IMC removes disparities and differences irrespective of when or how a potential customer comes across your main brand. Everything aligns with the brand message. The best thing is that integrated marketing doesn’t simply target your digital or inbound advertisement mediums; it also applies to traditional media channels like Television, print, radio, etc. While IMC does feature in learning curriculums for marketing students, many unfamiliar with it face trouble crafting academic papers on its coverage. With no way out, they go for mba essay help from (and other top write-my-essay websites) to complete the task on time without hassle. If you require expert tutoring and writing help, sign up with the platform above and end your task headaches. 

Let’s Discuss the Effectiveness Of IMC.

Experts state that presenting a clear and consistent message is important in brand communication. Each customer interaction with the brand must embody the same USPs, values, and perks. 

Think of it this way. If your brand promotional channels are your key players, the IMC is the head coach running plays and helping everyone perform as a team. 

Its Effectiveness

  • IMC reaches out to a wider audience compared to a .
  • It creates a powerful, influential and consistent message to build trust among target customers.
  • It has more likelihood of being seen on various promotional channels, thus taking potential leads closer to conversions.
  • It saves money since the products are shared among and repurposed for vivid promotion mediums. Customers usually help advertise the product for you via word of mouth.

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Why is IMC Important?

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, businesses must use various promotional mediums to interact with their targeted audience. However, on the flip side, monitoring all used channels can also be daunting. For such omni-channelling promotions, IMC helps unite all operations and accomplish set objectives.

  • Integrated marketing communication helps with optimal and far-reaching brand building.
  • It provides consistency in promotion strategies to improve brand-customer engagement.
  • It uses a proper mix of marketing mediums to augment campaign success by maintaining the ideal 60:40 ratio (between budget spending and uplifting sales).
  • It leaves a strong imprint of the brand/product in the customer’s mind and compels them to learn more about it.

How to Start an Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign?

  • Always determine your all-embracing campaign objectives. 
  • Decide your promotional channels and establish goals for each.
  • Segregate and define your customer’s personalities by channel.
  • Sort a manager for your advertisement mediums.
  • Craft flexible marketing assets and messaging 
  • Set your marketing strategy for accumulating leads 
  • Launch the campaign and keep track of them consistently

Noteworthy Brand Campaigns Adopting IMC Strategies 

  1. Share a Coke by Coco-Cola 
  2. Grow Better by HubSpot
  3. You’re not you when you’re hungry. Buy Snickers.
  4. Smell like a man by Old Spice
  5. Transparency by Southwest Airlines 

End Note

If you wish to transform your endorsement campaign into multi-channel movements, integrated marketing communications is the way forward in this evolving world. It will allow users to see the brand/product on Social media, online and daily commutes. 

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