James A. Koontz Obituary Know What Happened To James A. Koontz?

James A. “Jim” Koontz was a beloved figure in Canton, OH until his passing at age 79 on August 3, 2023. Born April 4 1944 to Raymond L. and Ethel J. Stover Koontz, Jim lived a life marked by devotion to family, nationalism, and commitment at work – attributes which contributed to making him such an esteemed member of their community. What aspects of Jim’s life stand out as making him beloved members of their locality?

What Were His Roots?

Jim began his journey in Canton, Ohio where he was born and raised before graduating from McKinley High School. How has this early experience affected his character development and future endeavors?

What Role Did the US Army Reserve Play in Jim’s Life?

Jim’s service in the U.S. Army Reserve demonstrated his sense of duty and patriotism, yet how does his experience in service influence his daily life and what values have come with this time in service?

How Did He Contribute?

Jim had over three decades of service at Fisher Foods. This impressive achievement speaks to both his dedication and work ethic, but we would also love to know about the roles that Jim filled there and its impact on those around him.

Who were His Closest Relatives?

Jim placed great value in his relationship with Elaine, his beloved wife of 16 years; Melanie and Alan (his children); as well as four grandchildren (three granddaughters and a grandson) remaining behind after his passing. But how exactly was Jim as an individual, husband, father, grandfather? In what ways was his love expressed for each member of his family?

How Did Jim Cope with Life’s Challenges?

Jim experienced the death of Constance, as well as other close family members. How was he able to cope with these losses, and show resilience during such trying times?

What Does Jim’s Legacy of Friendship Reveal About Him?

According to Jim’s wishes, no services were held following his cremation; rather there was an informal gathering to recognize and thank coworkers, neighbors, and friends for being part of his life and his legacy. What does this decision reveal about Jim and how his values impacted those around him?

What Are Our Lasting Memories of Him?

Jim Koontz will long be remembered and celebrated. Those who knew and loved him cherish memories and stories they hold close, which reflect upon Jim. How will those he touched remember his legacy in their hearts?

James A. “Jim” Koontz lived a life that reflected his commitment to family, work ethic and service both military-wide and within his local community in Canton, OH. Jim created meaningful relationships and lasting friendships during his time there and his legacy will live on through everyday interactions he left an everlasting impression through everyday conversations that left lasting impressions with those close to him as well as through memories that will always stay close in peoples memories of who Jim truly was and his lasting effect upon those close.