Jill Mitchell Obituary What Happened To Jill Mitchell?

Ann Marie Mitchell, known to family and friends simply as Jill, died peacefully surrounded by family on February 27, 2018, at 80. Born May 1937 in Tampa, Florida, Jill lived a full and beautiful life full of love, dedication, and community service that will long be remembered and missed in Tampa and its surroundings. Jill left behind an immense legacy that she was sure to pass onto six children, twelve grandchildren, and seventeen great-grandchildren before her passing marked its end eras forever. Predeceased by husband Ed (deceased since 2006), Jill leaves behind six children as well as loving family including predeceased husband Ed with legacy of kindness embodied through large and loving extended family that includes 6 children 6 Children (12 grandchildren ad 17 great-grandchildren!

What Was Jill’s Early Life Like?

Jill’s early life in Tampa, Florida provided the foundation of her lifelong dedication to faith and community service. Attending both Sacred Heart Academy and then The University of Tampa was instrumental in developing into a well-rounded individual who valued learning while serving others. Jill credits Tampa as having played an essential role in instilling values she carried with her throughout her journey.

How Did Jill Make an Impactful Contribution to Her Community?

Jill was dedicated to her community both professionally and personally, spending most of her life living in LaFayette, Georgia where she retired from North LaFayette Elementary School and working at Walker County Sheriff’s Department and The First Baptist Church; these roles highlighted Jill’s flexibility as she took on multiple community roles – proof that it wasn’t simply work; rather it showed she truly wanted to help those she served by making their lives better. Jill was truly committed to improving lives throughout LaFayette.

What Role Did Faith Play in Jill’s Life?

Jill was an ardent Christian and member of Saint Gerard Catholic Church in Fort Oglethorpe. Her faith guided every aspect of her existence; her actions and approach to life were guided by it, often using terms such as “blessed,” reflecting her deep spiritual beliefs as she expressed gratitude for having lived her life thus far. Additionally, religion wasn’t just personal to Jill – it provided her an avenue to connect and serve others too.

How did Jill Affect Her Family?

Jill made an indelible mark on her family. Adored as Maw Maw by both grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike, Jill held an iconic place in each one’s heart as their “favorite.” Her impactful leadership included lovingly nurturing and leading with wisdom while making each family member feel loved and special. Her role as matriarch meant not just leading, but guiding with care as well.

What Were Jill’s Charitable Endeavors?

Jill was known for her generous spirit and involvement in charitable causes outside her family circle, often volunteering her services at times of need or when local community projects needed her support. People frequently referred to her as the sweetest woman they knew or simply as “Sweet Jill,” an accolade to her kind heart and desire to help.

How will her community honor and remember her?

Jill will be honored and remembered through several commemorations to remember and honor her legacy in LaFayette and beyond. A visitation service will take place from 2-6PM at Wallis-Wilbanks Funeral Home in LaFayette on March 10, followed by an Invitation-Only Celebration of Life Reception hosted at LaFayette Housing Authority at 6PM to allow friends, family, and community members to come together in celebration of her life and legacy. A mass funeral service and interment will remain private as per Jill’s family’s wish.

What Are Jill’s Remains of Dedication to Education?

Ann Marie “Jill” Mitchell leaves an indelible mark upon all who remember her through love, service and faith. Her life embodied kindness as evidenced by its positive effect in communities worldwide. Jill will long be remembered not for roles played but the lives she touched – positive changes she brought about; her generous spirit will inspire all who know and remember her story of faith, family and family life; truly her life was an extraordinary one which will live on as part of all who remember it fondly. Jill truly lived a blessed life and her memory will continue to inspire all.