Luc Poirier Obituary, Who Is Luc Poirier? Is Dead or Alive?

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec — In this picturesque city in Quebec, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu mourns the passing of Mr. Luc Poirier who left an indelible mark upon those he met throughout his 72 year life – embodying connection, family ties, friendship and local heritage in equal measures. On October 18, 2022 at age 72 Luc made an indelible impactful statement about being part of such an intricate community as this close knit city itself.

Who Was Luc Poirier?

Primari Luc Poirier was an esteemed son, brother, uncle, and friend whose roots ran deep within Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Born to Aime Poirier and Murielle Thibodeau who both passed before him, his life reflected local history through familial bonds as well as shared experiences. His sudden departure leaves an irreparable void within Gilles, Yves, Carole (Vincent), as well as in all of his siblings

What Legacy Will He Leave Behind?

Luc’s legacy will always remain one of enduring familial bonds and strong community ties that span generations in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Beyond immediate relatives, his network of loved ones spans generations as he testifies to life there. Luc is best remembered as being someone devoted to love with strong bonds among family, siblings and extended relatives that speak volumes about who he was as an individual and as part of society as a whole. His relationships with his siblings reflect love as core components a testament to what his parents instilled him from an early age on instilment of values taught him from early on in his life.

What Impact Did Luc Have on His Community?

While details regarding Luc’s professional and personal accomplishments remain confidential, his legacy lives on through shared memories shared after his passing and shared stories that reflect a man who touched many lives and brought people closer through shared history, familial bonds or friendship. It reaffirms Luc’s importance as one of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu community pillars.

Are You Missing Someone Like Luc?

The Poirier family invites friends, relatives and all those touched by his life to gather to remember Luc on Saturday October 29th from 2PM onward. A gathering will take place at Saint-Jean Cemetery (located at 563 rue Saint-Jacques Saint-Jean sur Richelieu Quebec J3B 7N7) before prayers in his memory will take place at Claude LeSieur Funeral Complex located on 4th Street Saint Jean sur Richelieu J2X 3M6. Together we will celebrate his life while sharing memories and supporting each other through grief.

How Can the Community Share Condolences and Memories?

mes In today’s digital era, sharing memories and condolences transcend physical borders. The family encourages those unable to attend in person express their sympathies and memories of Luc by visiting his Claude LeSieur website ( or participating in his funeral home’s Facebook tribute page – creating an online memorial space dedicated to both mourning his loss as well as celebrating his life that allows his spirit to continue uniting his loved ones in his name!

Reflections on Community

In light of Luc Poirier’s life and legacy, we should contemplate its essence and the bonds which unite us all. At times of loss, coming together to share experiences and support each other becomes ever more essential – his story serves as an inspiring example of the power one individual can have over many people’s lives as well as cherishing relationships that define who we are.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu recently bid farewell to one of their own: Luc Poirier will always serve as a reminder of familial love, friendship and community connection he left behind – his legacy being proof that even in loss there remains beauty within those relationships that continue to bind us all closer together.