Olivia Gunderson Obituary What Was The Cause Of Death Of Olivia Gunderson?

Duluth is currently reeling from Olivia Choi Gunderson, infant daughter of Kai-Lynn and Kyle Gunderson who passed away April 24, 2019. Olivia left an indelible mark on both her family and those she knew, leaving a legacy of happiness that we will remember her with fondness for the rest of their lives. We pay our sincerest condolences as Duluth mourns this tragic loss of an exceptional life that brought so much happiness in its short duration. This article honors Olivia while remembering those we lost.

Who Was Olivia Choi Gunderson?

Olivia Choi Gunderson was tragically born on April 5, 2019, yet brought her family great happiness and love during her brief life. Olivia serves as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and preciousness.

What Impact Has Olivia Had On Her Family?

Olivia made a profound mark on her family during her short lifetime on Earth, from being loved daughter, cherished sister (Paul), and beloved granddaughter to welcoming her arrival with great delight and celebration by all members. Her birth brought great happiness for everyone involved!

Who Are Olivia’s Surviving Family Members?

Olivia Gunderson leaves behind an extensive loving family including her parents Kai-Lynn and Kyle Gunderson, her brother Paul, as well as grandparents Paul Anderson (Bonnie Anderson) and Tom and Linda Gunderson as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews who loved her dearly.

How is Olivia’s Family Coping With Their Loss?

Losing a child can be devastatingly heartbreaking for any parent and Olivia’s family is struggling with an overwhelming sense of sorrow and loss. Their community, friends and extended family have provided invaluable assistance during this arduous process.

What Are Olivia’s Memorial Arrangements?

On Monday, April 29, from 10 am to 11 am at The Landing in Proctor, MN there was a visitation and Celebration of Livi’s Life that allowed those who loved her come together in her memory. These arrangements were managed by Williams Lobermeier Boettcher Funeral Home and Cremation Services of Duluth, MN.

How Has Olivia’s Passing Been Reacted Toward?

Olivia Gunderson’s unexpected death has sent shock waves through our community and many are offering condolences and comfort during this trying time. Together we stand strong alongside Olivia’s Gunderson family during this trying period of their life.

What Can We Gain From Olivia’s Life?

Olivia’s brief life serves as an inspiring reminder to cherish every precious moment spent with our loved ones and find happiness even in small things. Olivia encourages us to acknowledge how quickly our existence changes as time slips by and find joy even in small things.

How Can Families Find Comfort After Losing Their Child?

Families grieving the death of their child often find strength from community support, shared memories of their loved one and counseling/support groups as a source of comfort. Healing will take time; individual perspectives vary.

What Will be Olivia Choi Gunderson’s Lasting Impression?

Olivia Choi Gunderson will always be remembered fondly as an adorable and much loved child who brought immense happiness and affection into the lives of those she touched, even for just brief times. Olivia Choi Gunderson lives on in our hearts even today as they carry memories of this precious soul who lived amongst us for an instantaneous snapshot.

Olivia Choi Gunderson’s brief yet beautiful life serves as a stark yet poignant reminder of its fragility, with family and community mourning her departure yet also honoring all that joy she brought into their lives. Olivia stands as an icon of love who reminds us to treasure every precious moment we spend with our loved ones.