Phil Shea Obituary What Happened To Phil Shea?

Philip Raymond Shea, Jr. (Phil), age 69, passed away peacefully after eight years of courageously fighting cancer. Phil left behind an incredible legacy which will long be cherished and remembered; this article pays a fitting tribute to Phil’s remarkable journey and explores all the facets that made up his character and personhood.

Who was Philip Raymond Shea, Jr?

Phil Shea was an exceptional young boy from Worcester who achieved remarkable feats from an early age, most notably becoming an Eagle Scout by age 13. After attending St John’s High School he attended Holy Cross, excelling as varsity fencer on their fencing team before going on to receive an MBA at Anna Maria College. But what aspects of his early life laid the groundwork for future success and won over those around him?

Where Did Phil’s Romantic History Begin?

Phil began his romantic adventure by asking Dianne Lane to dance at her brother’s wedding – an encounter which would change his life dramatically and usher in four decades-worth of travel, shared projects, and simple joys of life together. How has this romance influenced Phil’s journey through life; what values did Dianne and Phil share over their journey together?

What Will Phil Shea Be Remembered For Professionally?

Phil made notable contributions to Auburn as an independent Certified Public Accountant during his 45 year residence there, dedicating himself and forming relationships with clients that stood as testaments of his integrity and commitment. What impact did Phil have through his professional endeavors on Auburn society?

What Contributions Did Phil Make to Community Service?

Phil was deeply engaged in his community beyond professional activities, serving in roles like Treasurer of Auburn Water District, Past President of Auburn Rotary Club and Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 22 among many others. These roles reflect his devotion to community service while leaving their mark. What legacy have these positions left Phil?

How Has Phil Integrated Family and Nature into His Lifestyle?

Phil loved making memories in Maine with his wife, family, and granddogs – especially camping trips and outdoor adventures he enjoyed so much! How have these experiences enhanced Phil’s life while strengthening the bonds amongst his loved ones?

What will Phil be best remembered for?

Phil was known for his remarkable strength and resilience during his battle against cancer. His ability to maintain humor and spirit during difficult times served as an example for others to follow. How will Phil’s family and friends remember these qualities of his, as well as what impact have they had?

How are Phil’s Family Carrying On His Legacy?

Phil Shea is survived by Dianne M. Shea; their children Philip R. Shea III and Jennifer A Matthew; his mother Jane M. Shea; grandchildren Cian Shea III and Danelea Shea; as well as Kathleen Degon (his sister). How are Phil’s values and lessons being carried forward into his family legacy?

Philip Raymond Shea, Jr.’s Life

Philip Raymond Shea, Jr. lived a remarkable life filled with personal accomplishments, professional dedication and deep devotion to family and community. From an Eagle Scout as a youth to becoming one of the top Certified Public Accountants and community leaders today is truly remarkable; and we honor not just his milestone achievements but also all he touched along his journey; celebrating not just milestones achieved but the lives impacted and lasting effects he left behind him as we remember Phil; celebrating not just milestones achieved but his lasting influence and influence which will serve as guidance on living a fulfilling life full of purpose, love, and service! We remember Phil by remembering not only his accomplishments but also by celebrating all he touched in life that remains beyond death; serving as an example on how best living an inspired life full of purposeful living full of purpose love, purposeful service. His legacy will live long into future generations who wish for such living full of purposeful lives full of purpose love service towards living a fulfilled one full of purposeful living out on purposeful living it with purpose:

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