Victoria Stable Obituary Who Was Victoria Stable? How Crown TV Legendary Archivist Die?

We mourn with deep sadness Victoria Stable’s passing from film and television production community. Known for her outstanding archive producing skills on hit shows such as ‘The Crown”, Victoria was instrumental in helping bring history alive through various projects she contributed her expertise on – most notably “Crown”.

Who Was Victoria Stable?

Victoria Stable was more than a mere name in film and television; she was an indelible legacy archive producer whose efforts left an imprint in historical storytelling. Her passion was apparent with every project undertaken; her commitment was unshaken.

What Happened to Victoria Stable?

Tragically, Victoria passed away suddenly this May leaving behind an incredible legacy that touched everyone who worked alongside her. Her absence is deeply felt across industry colleagues, friends and admirers.

Victoria and Her Role In “The Crown:

Victoria made an invaluable contribution to historical television with her work as archive producer on “The Crown.” With remarkable expertise and commitment she unearthed historical footage to enrich the series with knowledge – an absence now clearly felt upon “The Crown”.

From A Colleague’s Perspective:

Folu Merriman-Johnson, another production team member on “The Crown”, shared his memories of Victoria. He spoke both to her professional excellence as well as her joy-bringing presence; Victoria left an incredible impactful legacy that is felt far beyond just professional contributions; working alongside her was truly enjoyable, making the loss even greater for all those fortunate enough to work alongside her. Folu expressed how profound Victoria’s absence would be felt among everyone she touched during life and career alike.

Reflecting on Victoria’s Legacy:

As “The Crown’s” highly anticipated series six premieres, we recognize Victoria Stable with a heartfelt title card honoring her tremendous contributions and legacy – something we will sorely miss! Her stories continue to live on and she will truly be missed.


Victoria Stable’s passing marks an enormous loss for film and television community alike, especially those fortunate enough to work alongside her on projects such as “The Crown.” Her dedication to craft, ability to unearth historical gems, joyful presence will long be remembered by those she touched – especially as we begin this new season of “The Crown”. As we remember Victoria’s incredible contributions – including how they continue impactful storytelling that brings history alive on screen today – please take time out today and remember Victoria Stable as we start another season of “The Crown.” Her legacy stands testament to power of storytelling that connects past with future audiences today and shows us why history comes alive on our screens today!